Jennifer Lee Wiggins

Jennifer was born on an Army base in Thailand. Military father... Mother is an outstanding Chinese woman, who instilled invaluable strength and perseverance in her child.As a little girl she was parading around the house wearing her father's military hat and announcing herself as "Captain Wiggins!!" All she ever did was hang with the boys on the bases and engage in war games, a girl has to hold her own when the families and kids next door are all military?It was an obvious development, that Jennifer had her sights set on the FBI academy. She obtained her Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, as well as various fight and weapon training. This girl was more concerned with beating her best time at upcoming swim meets or a new Smith and Wesson handgun than the latest trend in haute couture... however, after once accepting a role for Japan TV, she fell in love with being on set and acting for the camera. The excitement she felt had changed everything....Because of this epiphany, she made th

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