Jennifer Elster


Jennifer Elster is an only child who was born and raised by progressive parents in New York City.Elster is a film writer, director, producer, performer and an executive at The Development Productions. Elster's current film series is entitled Being. The first in the series is ...In the Woods a mysterious, existential journey: a walk into the unknown. The cast signed on to the project without knowing what was to happen. Yoko Ono performed wild original vocalizations for the film series' score.Drawn to exploring the unknown, a risk taker and boundary pusher by nature, Elster's work illustrates the unruly excursions into the recesses of the mind. This tendency towards illuminating the mysteries of the internal world is exemplified in Elster's Being, in which she plays with and pushes the parameters of filmmaking itself. The film series is genre-breaking and non-formulaic in its composition- an unusual collection of disparate moments woven together to create unified and emotionally charged

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