Jeff Rose


During an extended hiatus from the industry in the late 90s due to family illnesses, Jeff decided to relocate from Los Angeles back to his hometown of Marietta, Georgia. At long last, just as his family was recovering from the various maladies and Jeff was making plans to head out west again, his dentist's hygienist set him up on a blind date. Less than a year later, Jeff found himself happily married and living in a brand new home just north of Marietta in Acworth, Georgia.Now with two beautiful children, Jeff Rose and his new family are enjoying the rebirth of his career in entertainment, one that is more successful than he might have imagined just a few short years ago. At one time resigned to the seeming reality that his dreams would be lost forever, Jeff is again working non-stop as an actor in television and film, and has re-established himself in the advertising industry with a multitude of national and regional television and radio commercials.As doors of blessing continue to o

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