Jayasudha was born on December 17, 1958 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. She was initially named Subadra, but her family soon changed it to Sujatha, because they felt that it was a more contemporary name. Her mother had appeared in small film roles as a child but lost interest in films and gave it up. Her father also wasn't involved in films, but his first cousin Vijaya Nirmala was a famous actress and director in South Indian films, as was her husband Krishna Ghattamaneni. When Jayasudha was a child, she would watch her aunt Vijaya Nirmala film scenes and wanted to be like her. Her father disapproved of her dream of becoming an actress. When she was twelve, Vijaya Nirmala offered her a small role in the Telugu film Pandanti Kaapuram (1972), where she and her husband Krishna had leading roles. Jayasudha was excited, but her father said no, and he finally relented when Vijaya Nirmala promised him that she would personally take of her. Jayasudha had a great time acting in the film, but once

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