Jay Oliva

Jay Oliva is an American storyboard artist and Director. He resides in Los Angles, California where he began his career in animation working on Fox's animated series "Spider-Man" in 1996.He became a Director on the CGI series "Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles"in 1998 and worked on "Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla the animated series, Heavy Gear, Max Steele, Spider-Man (MTV series) and finally Jackie Chan Adventures" for Sony before eventually leaving for Mike Young Productions as Storyboard Supervisor for the "He-Man and the Masters of the universe" reboot (2000-2002)His first foray into the DC superhero universe was when he was hired as a storyboard artist for "The Batman" (2004) series for Warner Bros. Animation. This was to be the beginning of a long career in the DC animated universe from which he has become well known for.2007 would prove to be a momentous year for him. He would be involved in three different properties: Marvel/ Lionsgate hired him to direct on their ne

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