Jason Lanier Brown

Jason L. Brown grew up all over the map in a family that moved frequently. His first job for in Broadcast Television where he went through all of the positions in production and advanced at a very fast pace. He Directed the Live Television Newscast at 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 10:00pm as well as filled in for morning shows and special events. This basically burnt him out on Broadcast Directing. He settled in to "self taught" Graphic Design and landed a job as a Promotions Director and then Art Director. This was when Jason finally found his true calling. With no formal training and no knowledge of the film and television industry other than his Broadcast Television career, Jason landed his first feature film work in visual effects based completely off of his demo reel in the 2005 Blockbuster Hit "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". He later worked on films like "Jumper", "In Time, Monte Carlo" and more. He also branched off into Television work first for NBC Universal. He submitted designs for "The Doctor O

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