Jason Kravits


Jason began his career in Washington, DC, at age 13, playing Lolo in the short-lived but highly acclaimed PBS series Powerhouse (1982). Several years later, after graduating from the University of Maryland, he found a home in the Washington, DC, theater community, where he became a well-known presence at theaters such as the Round House Theater, the Shakespeare Theater, and the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company (of which he is still a member).Upon moving to New York City, Jason began working with the writer-performer collective known as Rumble in the Red Room. There, alongside fellow writer-performer Joel Jones, he developed the material for "Making Faces," which would eventually go on to win Best Sketch Show at 1999's U.S. Comedy Festival in Aspen, Co.This prompted him to move to Los Angeles, where he soon landed a guest-star spot on David Kelley's The Practice (1997). This role would eventually grow and, by the beginning of the fifth season, his character, A.D.A Richard Bay, would be a

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