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When Jane Bordeaux, an American multi genre singer, songwriter, lyricist, music producer, burst into prominence a few years ago it was clear from the start that she was someone to watch. A truly unique artist in every sense of the word. Born in Indiana, Jane was adopted at the age of four months from foster care and moved with her new family to Shaker Heights, Ohio were she attend grade school and graduated high school. At a young age Jane Bordeaux struggled with dyslexia which made it difficult to learn the violin and classical piano the traditional way and yet still passed her classes with flying colors by playing by ear instead because she struggled to read sheet music. Bordeaux has never taken a singing or music writing lesson and her talent for writing and singing is completely self taught. Her unique talent of being a singer, songwriter, lyricist and a music producer comes naturally.Being an artistic person a defining moment in her life was when Jane Bordeaux began winning numerous awards while attending the prestigious Private Fine Arts College, The Art Academy of Cincinnati. Even though she struggled with dyslexia, at the private 5 year college Jane graduated early in only 4 years and received many awards for her fine art sculptures and fine jewelry designs all while taking acting classes and writing and producing music. Only two weeks after graduating college, Jane permanently moved to California to work in the entertainment industry to pursue her true love of acting and music. Jane Bordeaux started out as an extra, however quickly became a successful actress landing many lead and supporting auditions in major feature films, television shows and national commercials. Always having a deep desire to make music, Jane paused her acting career to pursue a music career full time.As a hopeless romantic, who is quite familiar with the highs and lows of sex, drugs and bad romances Jane Bordeaux's life became fulfilled once she began to write music and sing professionally full time.Jane Bordeaux's first breakout single "Erotication" is a sensual tale about forbidden lust and deep dark desires. Ambient vocals juxtaposed with titillating lyrics quickly envelop the listener in double-entendre salaciousness. In the "Erotication Remix", Jane minces no words: "Your eyes are shifty... You isolate me/Rough touching gets me horny". Not for the timid or faint at heart, as elsewhere, the lyrics become several shades darker. Produced and lyrics written by Jane Bordeaux, her powerful songs provide an escape from the everyday predictable pop song. An pleasure filled journey from beginning to end. "Erotication", available on iTunes and Google Play gives a revealing peek into honest dark desires not often talked about, let alone, in songs written by young females.Jane Bordeaux mostly writes about her reality with a hint of fantasy. Her subject matter can be raw, tricky or even down right gritty and taboo, while other song's of Jane's are fun, gentle or soothing and ethereal. Having over 100,000+ online fans from over 18 fan pages, including 30,000 plus Facebook fans from six fans pages and over 50,000 plus Twitter followers are enough validation that her music is undoubtedly resonating globally. Jane wants to uplift, energized or thought provoke everyone with her music. She wants to bring different types of people together by mixing different genres and unique vocals. Jane does not care if you are poor, rich, white, black, gay, transgender, disabled, young or old, her music is meant to touch everyone equally.Jane Bordeaux offers music like you have never heard it before. Which is why in early 2011, Jane's unique sound and rapidly growing fan base caught the attention of the founder of a prominent Music related website, Nimbit. The founder of the popular music website requested to use Jane Bordeaux's band images to sell their music related products. This is when she realized she was a brand and her image and music were marketable and desired by others in more ways than one. Being offered these types of rare musician opportunities that most only dream of created great exposure for Jane Bordeaux the band and a platform for her music to grow and reach thousands of new fans. Jane Bordeaux's face is still featured prominently on the music company's website and has been yearly from 2011 to 2015.August 2014, Jane Bordeaux's newest single 'Romancing A Stone' generated an abundance of plays due to it's radio worthy popularity. This helped to propel the artist onto the Top Ten Pop Charts on Reverbnation. Beating out thousands of other well known musicians, Jane Bordeaux music quickly climbed the global Reverbnation Pop Charts landing her song all the way up to #5 were it remained for over 7 weeks straight. Continuing into 2015, Jane's song 'Romancing a Stone', still continues to enter into the top ten on Reverbnation every few weeks.Jane Bordeaux's music is becoming so popular that she has been featured on numerous online music and en

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