Jamie McShane

Jamie McShane was born and raised in Northern New Jersey with his four siblings.A gifted athlete who excelled in many sports but shined brightest in ice hockey. He also loved TV and movies and was drawn to the talents of Gene Hackman, Steve McQueen, Alan Alda, Clint Eastwood, and Spencer Tracy. Jamie dreamed that he would play hockey in the Olympics, turn pro, and someone would come along and say, "Hey kid, we need you in a movie." But reality knocked that dream out, literally, when Jamie suffered a severe head injury in school which ended his hockey career. Never one to give up, he eventually took up tennis and went on to play in a few professional tournaments and became a tennis instructor.Jamie got his BA in English at the University of Richmond and then worked three jobs until he saved enough money to backpack around the world. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. For the decade following his return, he would stumble all over New York City doi

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