James Quinn


James Robert Quinn was born July 1st 1964 in San Jose, California. As a young boy in school he was offered the chance to take a music class or take a math test; he played trumpet throughout his academic and well into his military career. He graduated Gunderson High School in 1983, where he discovered an interest in the guitar and studied that instrument with several teachers until joining the United States Air Force in 1985. His introduction to professional entertainment, and the highlight of his Air Force enlistment, were two tours of duty with the prestigious entertainment unit "Tops In Blue", on which he first played trumpet, and, later, guitar. He attended college in Los Angeles after leaving the military and graduated with a music degree from the Grove School of Music in 1989. After a classmate dropped out of a television pilot, "Esta Noche", the job of Musical Director was offered to James. It was during this period that his interest in acting in film and television formed. He to

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