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Doğum Adı: Jalal Merhi Tarihi: 01/01/1970 Yeri:

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Jalal Merhi is recognized worldwide as a premiere action-film producer / director after successfully delivering over 20 films worldwide within a decade, and numerous short film projects. Born in Brazil from to Lebanese parents, Jalal emigrated to Canada to study and eventually built an extension of his family jewelry business, keeping his sport of competitive martial arts on the side, also keeping his eye on his true love: filmmaking. He sold his share in a building in downtown Toronto and his jewelry business and, with some additional investment from his diamond dealers, created the film production company Film One.From its inception in 1989 Film One has carved its niche in the lucrative action genres. Merhi's commitment to high production values is evident on the screen but his commercial savvy and organizational skills are what make him one of Canada's most prolific and successful producers. He started his martial arts training with Tae Kwon Do, became a 2nd dan in Shotokan then master in Choy Lay Fut and hung gar. He entered over 150 tournament with a great deal of success. It was then he was approached by a producer for a movie role. Although that particular film project never got off the ground, Jalal got to know many other people with influence and his career was born. He has since worked with such martial-arts legends as Bolo Yeung, Cynthia Rothrock and Billy Blanks. He has grown to be a martial arts choreographer and director.

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