Jack Smight

1925 - 2003

Emmy Award-winning director Jack Smight was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on March 9, 1925, the offspring of Irish immigrants. After graduating from Cretin High School, he served in the US Army Air Force during World War Two, where he flew combat missions in the Pacific Theater. After the war he attended the University of Minnesota, where he again met up with Graves--both were matriculating in the theater department as drama students. After graduation they hooked up in Hollywood, where they rented a room and made the rounds, looking for work as actors while Jack worked as a carhop and Peter drove a cab, ignoring the advice of Graves' older brother, James Arness to head straight back to Minneapolis.Unlike his friend, Smight did not achieve success as an actor and became a stage manager and then turned to directing. Graves later said of his friend that his acting background helped him understand actors. "He was also a very intelligent, literate man," Grave said, "who knew how to commun

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