( 1969 - )

( 50 yaşında 1.7 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Jack Huang Tarihi: 11/01/1969 Yeri: Tainan, Tayvan

Takma İsimler: JC Achilles

Kısa Biyografi

Starting martial arts training at age 5 in different styles of Kung Fu, then Judo, Karate, Tang Soo Do and boxing under several masters in his hometown (Tainan City, Taiwan), only for one single reason: to defend himself from the local bullies' attack.In 1982 he was the all Taiwan Teenage Nunchaku Champ.In 1983 he became the Taiwan Government selected and trained martial artist for the US Presentation to the Ronald Reagan Government's event in Washington DC and other 13 states.In 1987, he won the World-Cup's "Middle Weight" title in sparring (Los Angeles Open) before graduating from Blair High School (Pasadena); classmate with Director John Singleton in couple math and English classes there.Later taught by Dan Lee (Bruce Lee's close disciple in JKD), Steven Chang (Yip Man/Lieon Shon's Wing Chun), Delon Tan (Tae Kwon Do), John Wong (Wu's Tai Chi), and Franco Lung (Yip Man/Wong Tsun-Leon's Wing Chun) in America.

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