J. Anthony Kosar

J. Anthony Kosar is an award-winning artist who specializes in Fine Art, Illustration, Sculpture, Creature Design, Make-up FX, and Product Design through his company Kosart Studios, LLC. Becoming a member of the I.A.T.S.E. Local 476 Studio Mechanics Chicago in 2016, he and his studio is doing SPFX Make-Up and sculpting props for both Chicago P.D. Season 4 and Empire Season 3. Kosar has also worked on make-up FX for Chicago Fire and FX props for Chicago Med, along with being the SPFX Make-Up Designer for the FOX pilot Zoobiquity. In 2007, he interned at legendary Stan Winston Studio creating effects for Indiana Jones 4 and James Cameron's Avatar. Kosar designs and sculpts Halloween masks for Zagone Studios, one of the leading mask manufacturers in the world. He creates special effects for theater, film, commercials, and print. Kosar teaches the art of FX through his Kosart Atelier: School for Entertainment Arts in Westmont, IL, and also taught at other schools such as French Pastry Scho

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