Ivan Dixon

1931 - 2008

Ivan Dixon, a handsome, mustachioed African-American actor and director who carried a strong, serious nature about his solid frame, initially earned attention on the ground-breaking stage and film with pronounced themes of social and racial relevance. He would become better known, however, for his ensemble playing in the nonsensical but popular WWII sitcom Hogan's Heroes (1965). His role as a POW radio technician, while heightening his visibility, did little to satisfy his creative needs. Overshadowed by the flashier posturings of stars Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer and John Banner, Ivan eventually left the series, the only one of the original cast to do so. In retrospect, he was among the few African-American male actors in the 1960s, along with Bill Cosby and Greg Morris, to either star or co-star on a major TV series.Born Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III on April 6, 1931, in New York's Harlem, where his parents originally owned a grocery store. Ivan grew up, however, in the South, and as a yo

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The Greatest American Hero

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