Isabel Ruth


Aged 4, she was already dancing. In 1952, at 14, she moved from Tomar, her still cherished hometown, to Lisbon, where she attended ballet classes for the first time; she vanquished the first fears of the bar, and hard work, and would became prima ballerina - after further studies in London. Her passion for dance never died within her, and even when she abandoned the stage, she kept going to all shows at San Carlos (Lisbon's Opera House), and encouraging, and even helping to form several small ballet groups, some of which survived the difficult Portuguese environment for that art.She was one of the youngest actresses in Portuguese television stage dramas and TV series, in the pioneer period of TV in her country (1957 to 1963). She met and married actor João D'Ávila, with whom she had a son in 1964. Eventually, their art careers followed very different paths.She says she is basically a timid person, but her personal life, and her world discovery adventures, betray that adjective. After n

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