Ingrid Michaelson


When she walks into a store in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Ingrid Michaelson is rarely recognized. But once she hands over her credit card to pay, the clerk often pauses, brightens up and, enthusiastically, offers a bit of trivia: "Did you know that there's a singer named Ingrid Michaelson?" This reaction is fitting because Michaelson has earned both acclaim and a loyal following, due to her knack for crafting beautiful, idiosyncratic songs ("The Way I Am", "Maybe", "Keep Breathing") that just nestle in your head. Her single, "Parachute", is a perfect example of that, showcasing a seamless stylistic growth in melody and beat, while nurturing the sound that Ingrid's fans have come to know and love. Image has never been her priority, but let the record show that her librarian-chic style has, nonetheless, received a shout-out in The New York Times.Michaelson's grassroots sensibility has worked like gangbusters: Her music, often about love and relationships, has been steadily wafting out of

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