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Doğum Adı: Michael Quinn McAloney Tarihi: 03/09/1963 Yeri: New York, New York, ABD

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In a film career spanning over 30 years, Holt McCallany has appeared in close to 100 films and television shows, and has worked with some of the world's best directors including David Fincher, David O'Russell, William Friedkin, Lawrence Kasdan, Walter Hill, Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma, and Michael Mann amongst others.Holt currently stars in the Netflix series Mindhunter for director David Fincher where he plays Bill Tench, a FBI agent researching serial killers in the late 1970s. Mindhunter is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on television. Holt has appeared in memorable supporting roles in movies like Fight Club ("His name was Robert Paulson!"), Three Kings, Black Hat, Alien III, Men of Honor, and Sully, to name a few. In 2011, Holt was the star of the raw and gritty television series Light's Out on FX where he played a boxer with pugilistic dementia.Born into a theater family, Holt's father, Michael, was a Tony Award winning Broadway producer and his mother was the legendary cabaret singer Julie Wilson. At 14, Holt ran away from home and took a Greyhound bus to Hollywood with dreams of becoming an actor, but he ended up working in a screwdriver factory. His parents eventually tracked him down and sent him to a boarding school in Ireland -- Newbridge College, County Kildare -- that his father had attended 40 years earlier.At 18, Holt traveled to France where he studied French at the Sorbonne, art at The Paris American Academy and, later, theater at L'École Marcel Marceau and L'École Jacques Lecoq. He went on to study Shakespeare at Oxford and later worked extensively in theater in the United States and abroad.Holt also works as a writer and producer and currently has two films in development, I, Redeemer and Kill the Pretty Horses. Holt is a supporter of the Irish Arts Center in New York and in 2011 was named the American Ireland Fund's Man of the Year. He also served as president of the jury at the Festival International du Film de Bruxelles. Holt's work as an activist includes his longtime support of the Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation as well as his work for the wrongfully convicted.He is unmarried and he lives in New York City.

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