Hélène Vincent


Actress Hélène Vincent's second name is far from meaningless since it is also her husband's. And given that her companion's first name is Jean-Pierre you can easily guess what -- among other qualities -- attracted theater enthusiast Hélène to renowned stage director Jean-Pierre. For drama has always been Hélène Vincent's passion. That is the reason why she has -- most of the time -- privileged her career on the stage over the rest of her activities, whether as an actress (for stage directors such as Patrice Chéreau, Bernard Sobel, and of course Jean-Pierre Vincent) or as a stage director (for plays by Strindberg, Ibsen, or Shakespeare). She has found enough time for a substantial television career though but a little less for the cinema where her appearances are erratic. In the latter case, her big break came in 1987 after a pair of undistinguished roles (debuting in two movies by theater/art film director René Allio), when she was chosen by Étienne Chatiliez to interpret her most famo

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