Helena Holmes

Helena Holmes was born in France; Her Intimate, closed relatives calls her "Lisso," she got the name from one of her grandfather whom she used to learn African healing and spirituality with; she is Anglo -French and totally bilingual she also speaks Creole, Spanish and German, her stage name is real she comes from a long tradition of great British and French Black performers, actors and skilled artists. She learned as early as 3 years old in the circle of her grandfathers and her great -grandmothers uncles and aunties whom she says she was happy and blessed to grow with as a little girl. "I was loved and spoiled all the time " She says by "people who were fantastic and amazing" The grandparents ran an Educational school and had implemented an authentic African Theatre in her community The school is very popular and still help children to get education and to become performers. Helena Holmes as a child used to perform with her grandparents on stage and to travel with them she won many p

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Howards End

Yıl: 2017 | IMDB: 2577192

Ülke: İngiltere, ABD
Tür: Drama, Romantik
Yönetmen: Hettie Macdonald,