Heather Winters

Heather Winters is an American film producer, director and writer and a two-time Sundance winning executive producer. Heather executive produced Morgan Spurlock's Academy Award® nominated and Sundance-winning documentary, Super Size Me, and Anthony Haney-Jardine's Sundance-winning dramatic feature, Anywhere, u.s.a. Heather's films include AJ Schnack's documentary, Convention, (IFC/Sundance Selects) and Class Act (Morgan Spurlock Presents) Jim Killeen's, Google Me, and her directorial debut, TWO: The Story of Roman & Nyro (Virgil Films/Morgan Spurlock Presents) about legendary songwriter and music producer Desmond Child's journey to parenthood.Producing projects include the upcoming elevated sci-fi TV series, Atom, feature films, The Castle and Transcon, and documentaries Borrowed Village and The Rest I Make Up. Heather is author of the upcoming book, I Want To Be A Producer: The New Film Student's Guide to Producing, memoirist essay collection, Hangers for $27: Thrills, Agonies and Han

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