Harry L. Seddon

Harry Seddon likes to tell the story of his very first report card in Kindergarten. It read, "Harry is a bright child, but is quickly becoming known as the class clown". At that early age, he loved the reactions he got while performing. From singing and harmonizing with his sister, MaryLynn at home, to impersonating his teachers in school, he escaped into his "other world", and has been a big kid ever since. In the late 80's, while doing odd jobs, including driving a yellow taxi at night in N.Y.C., he studied acting with William Esper, who gave him advice that he carries with him till today. " Don't take it so seriously", Esper told him. "You would think he would have told me to take acting seriously. But, what he meant was, relax and don't take yourself so seriously." Coming from a legend like William Esper, Seddon constantly reminds himself of that statement whenever working on a character, but his commitment to the role itself is a serious one. Gaining or losing weight is a necessit

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