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Born in 1985 in Beaufort, South Carolina, Marrero's upbringing was defined by discipline and structure. Son of Dr. Myra Ancheta (United States Marine Corps Retired), former Marine Corps and Naval Officer, and Hans Marrero Sr. (United States Marine Corps Retired). Young Marrero was introduced to the world of disciplined martial arts at the early age of four. As his father was the Chief Instructor of hand-to-hand combat at Paris Island, Hans Jr. was quick to soak in the skills and combative intricacies of the family practice. Carrying on the legacy, Marrero went on to discover and train various forms of martial arts around the world including Kobushi-Sessen Jutsu, Shorinji-Kempo, Kyo Kushin, Kai-Kan, Aikido, Judo, Matsukazi-Ryu and Brazilian (Jiu-Jitsu). Eventually landing in Arizona, Han s became intrigued with a new sport just beginning to make it's way from the underground scene, Mixed Martial Arts. While attending college, Marrero decided to test his skills in the cage and, at 18 years old, his professional fighting career began.Headlining venues in various US states and other countries for 7 years Hans fought his way to a professional 13-3 kickboxing, 9-4 boxing, 26-8 MMA record. As an extremely well-rounded competitor, he gained plenty of attention in the fight world with his signature form of submission to quickly end most opponents; the Armbar.Using his experience and knowledge for even greater good, from 2003 to 2006 Hans also became senior instructor for the Police Combative Training Academy where he taught close quarter battle to law enforcement and military personnel. In addition, he also dedicated time to coaching a competitive mixed martial arts team.Realizing much success in the combat sports industry, Hans decided to apply his past experiences and physical abilities to follow his dream in film. Packing his bags and moving to New York, Marrero found a way to put his natural charm and charisma behind cameras. With his extensive Martial Arts experience and background, Marrero's acting career began with Lionsgate's sports drama, Warrior where he played MMA fighter Diego Santana, opponent to Tommy Conlon, played by Tom Hardy.From then, Marrero went on to land various films and TV shows such as A Walk Among the Tombstones, Person of Interest, Creed, Daredevil, The Blacklist, to name a few. Marrero's career has brought him out of the United States to countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand and India.As an established performer, Marrero plans to pave his way into action directing and ultimately playing one of the ultimate villains on screen.

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