Gregory Terlecki


Gregory Terlecki is of Ukrainian, Greek and Scottish heritage. He was hand picked to be one of the haunting "Top Hatted Men" by Director Bill Paxton during headhunting while filming The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005). His role as 'The Tacky Tourist' in Scam (2005), was as the wildly dressed, frustrated and obnoxious driver looking for safe parking in the wrong part of town. In 2001, Gregory played Guillaume in Expiration (2003), originally a plate smashing brutal fight scene with frustrated man-hungry wife Nora. It was rewritten and re-shot two years later. Jeremiah Kipp, Film Festival Today's movie reviewer, described the scene of Gregory and Gavin Heffernan (Gavin's only one-on-one male to male scene) as 'a surprise encounter with a thief's melancholy, lost soul father (Gregory Terlecki) that feels like a poignant short story...' 2003 also saw him in Guy Letourneau's "Good Dogs Go To Heaven" as young Michael's salesman father returning home for an idyllic meal that quickly became a

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