Glenn Hetrick


Raised in Hellertown, PA, Glenn's proclivity for Horror Films (particularly those of the Universal and Hammer Studios variety) and Sci-Fi/Fantasy imbued him with a ravenous appetite for all things genre related. This passion compelled him to work on various theater projects as both actor and fledgling make-up artist throughout Junior and Senior High School. While working on amusement rides, he was exposed to the various elements that would have such a profound impact upon him; those many and varied colorful personalities mixed with the then burgeoning mid-80's skater punk subculture scene would eventually define his unique personal aesthetic. As an undergrad at York College of Pa., he landed his first acting role in an independent feature... which happened to be a horror film. He moved quickly to secure the Special Effects Make-up Artist position as well, and began creating the multitudinous gags on his first film with a shoestring budget. Many other independent projects in and around

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