Giovanni V. Giusti

Born in Akron, Ohio, U.S.A., Giovanni V. Giusti, is a professional Actor/Artist/Singer/Songwriter, and holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from, The Ohio State University. As a Buckeye, he studied Film, Theatre, Production, Writing, Acting, Painting, Sculpture, Glass Blowing, and Ceramics. In September 2009 Giusti began his professional acting career in Hollywood, CA. His intentions became the seeds for"Spiritual harvest" through Southern Italy, and Spain. While living in Southern Italy, and transferring to Barcelona, Spain, Giusti survived as a street performer for nearly 6 months, serenading and entertaining couples and families, armed only with his Spanish classical guitar, and his voice. He states, "Feeling the Pull" from his "Spirit Guides", he moved to the Island of Ibiza, where he met a tribe of international artists, musicians, and theatre actors.Within a few days of living in Ibiza, Giovanni, was hired to rebuild a broken-down outdoor Theater located in the middle of a Ibizan cit

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