George Sherman

1908 - 1991

American second feature director George Sherman arrived in California aboard the SS Mongolia (bound from New York City, where he was born), on which he served as a bellboy. He began his career in the movie business in the mail room at Warner Brothers before working his way up to assistant director. By 1937 he had graduated to directing in his own right under contract to Republic Pictures. Sherman specialized almost exclusively in "B" westerns there (including the "Three Mesquiteers" series, which featured a young John Wayne). He also made occasional forays into action and horror themes, often achieving a sense of style over substance. Indeed, 'Variety', writing about his handling of the "Mesquiteers" series, commented on his imparting a "poetry in motion" to his "unified timing of cowboys mounting, riding, wheeling, galloping and dismounting of steeds" (July 2 1939). From 194, Sherman also served as associate producer on many of his films.The diminutive (5'0") Sherman turned out reliab

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