George Meeker

1904 - 1984

This durable co-star-turned-character man had the steely eyes and overall slickness of somebody never to trust...and for good reason. For over two decades George Meeker fit the bill as the guy you loved to hate in movies. Frequently the spineless third wheel of a romantic triangle, he always lost the woman in the deal. In politics or business, he was the crooked lawyer or shady exec who'd sell his own mother for a quick buck. He specialized in crime mysteries and was invariably the guilty party or the victim who deserved it anyway.Meeker was born in Brooklyn on March 5, 1904 and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Art following high school. After some stage experience he made his Broadway debut with "Judy Drops In" in 1924 and went on to appear in a handful of plays including "A Lady's Virtue" (1925), "Back Here" (1928) and "Conflict" (1929). From then on he focused on films. He started his career auspiciously as silent pictures were just about to become a part of Hollywood his

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