Doğum Adı: George Katsoulas

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Giorgos Katsoulas constitutes a particular, an impressive case in the field of Arts and Letters. Diagnosed with the Asperger syndrome, highly intelligent, and completely self-taught, up to now he has managed to offer us true-gold pieces of work, such as his novellas and theatrical plays, receiving several awards and distinctions. He was born on 16-2-1981 in Athens and graduated from the Technical High School of Nea Ionia with a degree of 11 & 13/19 out of 20. He never got to complete his directing and acting studies due to disagreements, and being one of his high school's worst students, he changed more than thirty jobs, such as dish-washer, seller, and waiter, among others.Along with those painful, tough jobs, his flame for creation remained unextinguished. So, despite all the mental and physical fatigue caused by his exhausting work timetables, he always found the time to write. He has touched almost every writing genre - poetry, theatre, novels, novellas, short stories, essays, philosophy, monologues, movie critiques - and is one of the biggest movie soundtrack collectors, which is also his deepest passion. His dream is to work in the American cinema and on television.

Son Güncelleme Tarihi: 20-11-2021

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