George K. Arthur

1899 - 1985

The son of a travelling salesman and a department store merchandise demonstrator, Arthur was obliged to fend for himself from an early age, selling newspapers and working at starvation wages for a condiment manufacturer. Although underage, he escaped from this life by joining the Bugle Corps at the outset of World War One. His experience in army shows as a comedian and singer encouraged him to try for an acting career.Again a civilian, Arthur took advantage of a government program to enroll at a dramatic school run by the wife of prominent Shakespearian actor/producer Sir Frank Benson. Deciding to adopt a stage name, he simply reversed his first and middle names, adding a meaningless initial 'K' in order to distinguish himself from another George Arthur. He made his professional debut as a spear-carrier in a production at the Memorial Theatre at Stratford-on-Avon, and soon was playing minor parts in Benson's West End Shakespearian productions.Learning that American film director Harold

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Yıl: 1958 | IMDB: 0052852

Ülke: Hollanda
Tür: Belgesel, Short
Yönetmen: Bert Haanstra,