Frank Nicotero


Frank Nicotero grew up in Pittsburgh, PA as a die-hard fan of the Pirates, Steelers and stand-up comedy. Late at night Frank used to dim the brightness on the television in his room so his parents didn't know he was watching Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Evening at the Improv. He sharpened his researched comedic chops at North Allegheny where he won "Class Clown" his last three years of high school, but is still bitter about finishing second behind Jackie Joyce his freshman year.Frank debuted at the Funny Bone in Pittsburgh in 1988 where he discovered he could make money getting laughs! His career eventually moved him to LA and an then an appearance on Lifetime TV's game show DEBT hosted by the legendary Wink Martindale! Frank's years of watching TV and absorbing useless knowledge helped him win over $14,000! (You can watch it online along with his other game show appearance on Fox Sports' The Ultimate Fan League.)Frank ended up writing and producing various game shows and got his

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