Frank Cottrell Boyce


Frank Cottrell Boyce is one of the most respected screenwriters working in the English film industry. After serving as the television critic for the magazine "Living Marxism," he met Michael Winterbottom and the two collaborated on "Forget About Me" (1990). Winterbottom had made five more films based on Boyce's screenplays, "Butterfly Kiss" (1995), "Welcome to Sarajevo" (1997), "The Claim" (2000), "24 Hour Party People" (2002), "Code 46" (2003), and "A Cock and Bull Story" (2005). Boyce has also collaborated with the directors Danny Boyle "Millions" (2004), Alex Cox's "Revenger's Tragedy" (2002), and Anand Tucker "Hilary and Jackie" (1998).In the words of film critic Roger Ebert, whom he interacted online at Ebert's old CompuServe chat group in the early 1990s, Frank Cottrell Boyce is "arguably the most original and versatile screenwriter in [England]." Boyce has participated in Ebert's Internet forum and on "The Claim" website as he doesn't regard himself as a professional filmmaker,

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