Francis Pierlot

1875 - 1955

Minor film player Francis Pierlot came to Hollywood in 1939 at the age of 63 with the notion that he would retire rather quickly. Instead he played a steady stream of small character roles in a film career that spanned well over a decade. Born July 15, 1875 in France, Pierlot came to the United States when he was still a child and was raised in Boston. His first contact with the entertainment business was as a theatre usher at the age of 13. He eventually played vaudeville and was a reliable performer on Broadway throughout the 20s and 30s with such shows as "Please Get Married" (1919), Gentlemen of the Press" (1928) and Knickerbocker Holiday (1938). In the 40s he shifted to films, never appearing in any flashy parts that would jump out at you but a reliable sort nevertheless. He played a number of benign, grey-haired fellows, usually well-dressed, respected and quite approachable. His many films include The Captain Is a Lady (1940 Henry Aldrich, Editor (1942), Hit the Hay (1945), Two

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