( 1965 - )

( 56 yaşında 1.74 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Flavio Insinna Yeri: Roma, Lazio, İtalya

Kısa Biyografi

Flavio Insinna was born on 3rd July, 1965 in Rome. He attended Italian Liceo Classico (high school) in the capital and then pursued his acting career at Gigi Proietti's Laboratorio, where he had the chance to learn with the very actor who had drawn him towards the fine art of theatre. At fifteen, in effect, Flavio had had the chance to see one of Proietti performances in Rome, remaining forcibly struck by his power of fascination. Therefore, when Flavio was accepted into Proietti's school, he had the chance to learn how to prepare thoroughly in order to embody a character. He still thinks his teacher gave him the right go and the most important thing he remembers about Proietti is that he never wanted his students to repeat exactly what he had done but to find into their very souls what they felt about their characters. Flavio's experiences are varied. He started with a series ("Uno di Noi") and then went on juggling between theatre and TV and cinema. He starred for example in "Figli di Annibale" in 1997. After this big breakthrough, though, he was offered the role of Captain Flavio Anceschi in "Don Matteo". The series, produced by "Lux Vide", has now reached its fourth season and Flavio is still shooting its last instalments at the moment. "Lux Vide" also produced Maria Goretti, on the life of Saint Maria Goretti, a movie in which Flavio played the part of the priest, Don Basilio. However, he is on a short tour with his theatre show "La Banda", ("The Band"), which he co-produced.

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