They were born in Italy in 1986. Fdaeji showed a passion for acting at a young age and starred in many plays staged by an independent theater company in their native city. At the same time they develop an interest in filmmaking and make their first experiments on super 8.After art school they moved to New York where they took acting classes under teacher and stage director John Strasberg (son of Lee Strasberg).They are a member of the Millenium Film Inc., an association based in lower Manhattan, where they shown their first film experiments. Dedicated to the exhibition, study, and practice of experimental film, video, and new media, the Millenium Film Inc. was founded in the 60's and resisted until nowadays. Ken Jacobs was within the founders. At the beginning Jacobs was the artistic director and curator of Millennium Film, and has then been reelected in 2012. Other members of the board are Tom Jarmusch, Jay Hudson, Howard Guttenplan, Stephanie Wuertz.In 2009 they move to Bucharest (Ro

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