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Stage actor, starred in several television series such as " La piovra 8" and "La piovra 9", "Distretto di Polizia", "Don Matteo" and "Incantesimo 8". In the fourth season of the "Distretto di Polizia" plays the "prof. Pietro De Santis", a criminologist occasional collaborator of "X Tuscolano". It turns out to be the instigator of the murder of the judge Courses and Inspector Paul Free, as well as the leader of a clan of pedophiles; It enacts the abduction of Francesca Volta (Valeria Militello) and Roberto daughter to retrieve a notebook with the names of the clan members: once obtained eliminates his henchman Ira Droscorcic (Pierluigi Coppola), which now no longer needs; it revises in prison in the next series, when "helping" the Commissioner Corsi to arrest a pedophile.

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Yıl: 2015 | IMDB: 2983290

Ülke: İtalya
Tür: Drama
Yönetmen: Giuseppe Gagliardi,

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  • 7.5/10