Fabrice Boutique

Fabrice is an actor who was born in Zaire (Congo).He grew up in Braine-l'Alleud, a suburban city of Brussels, Belgium in Europe. He intended to study business spending 4 years in the very known business school Solvay in Brussels which he left for a drama school, IAD (institute of the arts and the broadcasting.) He integrated the School of masters created by Franco Quadri, met Eimuntas Necrosius(Lituanian famous director) and Jacques Lassalle. He received the superior prize of the Academy of Liège with the Russian director Boris RabeiHe then moved to Paris with the busary for his first contract with Luc Besson and Patrice Leconte. Starred in "Aun" and "Carlo", the first two movies of Mickael Roskam ( Bullhead, academy award nominated ), he also worked with Guy Goossens, Jan Verheyen, Dan Cooreman ( The professionals, acclaimed in Cannes shorts festival). On the television he played in the FBI, closer protection, the Stenfort fate and we know him as Mickey, gay barman of the Melting Pot

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