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Eric Summer starts his career in Brittany, France, directing shorts, advertising spots and corporate videos. He produces and directs « Phenomena », a four season series of documentaries. The series, filmed in the USA, have been sold in over 50 countries.In 1998, he starts directing international TV series (« The New Adventures of Robin Hood », « 25 South », « Dark Realm »...) To this day, Eric has directed 19 TV movies and more than 150 episodes of numerous series, altering genres from thriller to comedy through fantasy and action.He moves to Montreal, Canada, in 2001 and focuses on screenwriting. He writes his first English speaking script, « Angeline », a feminist thriller with a touch of humor. A French comic books publisher offers him to adapt the story as a graphic novel. « Angeline » becomes a series of four books published from 2004 to 2007. It wins the award for "best comics series" at a main comics Festival in France in December 2006. In 2008, he is called to direct a new TV series for French channel TF1, « Profilage » (« Profiling »). His artistic choices for cast and visual style make this show one of the most innovative for the audience and the press.After meeting graphic designer Eric Warin in Montreal, Eric Summer writes the story of « Ballerina » (« Leap ! »), an animated movie that he co-directs. The movie is produced by Quad (France) and Caramel Films (Quebec). Released in December 2016 in France, the movie gathers 2 million spectators. In the same time, it starts a very successful international career, be it in Spain, China, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Japan or England,... The movie has been released through The Weinstein Company in the USA, on August 25, 2017.Settling down in Nashville, TN in 2014, Eric Summer now spares his time between directing and writing. He is developing an new animation movie set in Ireland and just finished the post-production of « Crystal Inferno », an action TV movie starring Claire Forlani & Jamie Bamber...

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