Eric Colvin


Following one of London Film School's more memorable shoots (when a water-filled set burst to flood three floors of the school's 18th Century warehouse in Covent Garden), Eric worked again with graduates Adam Mason, Jonty Acton, Erik Wilson, and Robin Todd in varying combinations, exploiting the new digital medium of mini-DV. Since then, he has starred in a handful of psychological thrillers, a couple of schlock horrors, and a swathe of truly exquisite shorts.In production in 2017 are "Maksym Osa" (a Ukrainian historical whodunnit about Cossacks, werewolves and the power struggle between Orthodox, Catholic, Polish and Hapsburg dynasties), in which he plays a sinister German fencing tutor with a penchant for spanking; "Six Days" (in which the SAS storm the Iranian Embassy in eighties London); "Crowhurst" (as a friend of the eponymous inventor, whose solo round-the-world sailing attempt led to desperate lies, febrile solipsism, and eery disappearance); and "Yeast" (Lucid's 'orrible, surr

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