Ellen Gerstein

Ellen Gerstein Actress/Writer/Producer/DirectorEllen has been an actress for many years presently she is recurring on Shameless as Aunt Rande and was Crazy Carol on Southland. She is Mrs. Shaneberg in Treasure of The Black Jaguar, the indie film that just premiered. A lead part in the feature film The Golden Age. . Ellen just completed a feature film, Swelter with Alfred Molina and Jean Claude Van Damme. The last film she completed was an indie film America is still the place. Her acting work ranges from the part of Jane Deacy, James Dean's agent in the TNT movie, James Dean. Cuba Gooding's landlord in the film Murder of Crows, as well as Sofie, the homeless woman in Annie (the Mow, with Kathy Bates). She has played Aunt Lisa in Friends.Ellen has acted in, as well as produced and directed theater in LA. She co-wrote and co-produced Club Disco and created the character, Angie, an interactive play at the Llillian theater. Ellen has worked with incredible people like Danny Divito, Lainie

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Yıl: 1989 | IMDB: 0098904

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Seinfeld, Good News, Bad News, Stand Up, Stand-Up, The Jerry Seinfeld Show, The Seinfeld Chronicles
Tür: Komedi
Yönetmen: Andy Ackerman,Tom Cherones,David Steinberg,D. Owen Trainor,Joshua White,Jason Alexander,Art Wolff,
Oyuncular: Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ruth Cohen, Wayne Knight, Norman Brenner, Heidi Swedberg, Estelle Harris, Jerry Stiller, Liz Sheridan, John O'Hurley, Barney Martin, Len Lesser, Deck McKenzie,