Elisabeth Oas


Elisabeth Oas is an American Actress known mostly for her work in Independent films, and as "Diggy" in "Save the Last the Dance", with Kerry Washington and Julia Stiles. She grew up in a small town outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a loving, blue collar family with one brother. She knew at the age of 10 she wanted to be an actress. She grew up in a musical family, but the only one who was a thespian. She worked very hard to get an acting scholarship to Western Michigan University, where she completed her B.F.A. She also was invited on a full ride to complete her masters degree in acting in Connecticut but instead followed her heart and moved to Chicago, where she had an agent waiting for her. She originated the role on stage of "Betty Page" in the play, "Betty Page Uncensored" at the Playground theater in Chicago. Elisabeth was seen in the film, "Into Temptation" with Jeremy Sisto (Law&Order / Suburbia) and Kristen Chenoweth ( Wicked/Glee), playing the role of "Maria." She says "It wa

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