Edward Zwick


Edward Zwick is well-known for his heroic movies that include Glory (1989), and the breathtaking works of art that include Legends of the Fall (1994). Zwick has also been known for his thoughtfulness as a director, and for his record of working with television series and other films as a producer.Born in 1952, in the city of Chicago. After graduating from the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles, California, Zwick worked as a journalist with the magazine "Rolling Stone". He found work on television in 1976 as a producer, writer and director.Zwick eventually moved on to higher grounds, though. He made three films released for television in two years: the fashion drama Paper Dolls (1982), the more comedic-based Having It All (1982) and Special Bulletin (1983) which is about a reporter and his cameraman held hostage by terrorists. Zwick followed up with his first theatrical release; About Last Night... (1986) starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. The film concerns a man and a woman attempting to e

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