Eduardo Lezcano


Eduardo Lezcano is an Argentine actor born in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of burzaco, at the age of seven years and dreamed, loved and longed with a lot of passion to be an artist and to entertain, since its inception in acts of school hard to take such a precious and unique career selfsame dreams. So it was then that at the age of 15 he began his first theater classes at a school in the neighborhood of Rafael Calzada where a theater group which was part during the next 3 years in a row was then and after having cast his debut in theater was being part of other theater groups in the area with which it started to tour around the city theater. During next his next years as it was in search of theater classes more professional as workshop comic theater with Professor Eduardo Calvo in General San Martin Theater, followed by the workshop school Lito Cross in Buenos Aires, just so it was perfecting his studies to the point that it started to make both Under theater and then make childr

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