Duncan Airlie James


Duncan Airlie James was born on May 23rd, in Glasgow, Scotland. From a young age, Duncan found a love for sports, that took him through football (soccer), rugby, and eventually led him into the Martial Arts.Displaying a strong "creative / artistic" streak in the 80s he spent most of the decade as a drummer and musician for a variety of bands in Glasgow, Scotland.In the early 90s, with his competitive nature and physical presence again pushed to the fore of his life, he could no longer resist the drive to pursue his dream of success in combat. Duncan dedicated the next decade of his life to the sport and won six versions of World, Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing titles as a competitive fighter. He competed all over the world during his illustrious and very successful career with his tartan shorts and fighting kilt becoming a famous trademark and his badge of honour!After many years of hard work, and enjoying great success across the globe, Duncan retired from his competitive fighting career

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