Dorothy Morris

1922 - 2011

This young, pleasant actress was under contract to MGM during the war years. Dorothy Morris was groomed by the studio starting in 1941 and for the first couple of years barely earned a screen credit. She rose gradually in the ranks to secondary ingenue roles as the daughter or friend of the star. She was pretty, delicate-looking and fairly demure along the lines of a Barbara Bates or Cathy O'Donnell, and was probably best featured in such films as Someone to Remember (1943), The Human Comedy (1943), Rationing (1944) and None Shall Escape (1944). Dorothy willingly gave up her modest career when she married a math instructor in 1943. The marriage, which produced two sons, lasted 23 years before it ended. She returned to her acting craft in the late 50s and appeared in minor roles on TV, as well as two films Macabre (1958), the William Castle 'shocker' and Seconds (1966) starring Rock Hudson. A second marriage to a minister took her, again, away from the camera lights and this time it was

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