( 1955 - )

( 67 yaşında 1.83 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Doron Eran Yeri: Tel Aviv, İsrail

Eşleri: Billi Ben Moshe (2004 -) 1 çocuk , Ronit Eran (1983 -2004) boşanma 3 çocuk ,

Kısa Biyografi

A well-established Israeli producer/director specializing in feature films, TV dramas and documentary films. As a film and television creator, he has created over 50 movies and TV films/series for the local and international markets. He's known for many films, among these: "White Night"(Cannes Film Festival), "Burning Land" (Berlin Film Festival & Torino Film Festival), "Beyond The Walls II" (Valencia Film Festival), "Overdose" (Beijing Film Festival), "The Voice of Ein Harod" (CitaDel Vasto Film Festival), "God's Sandbox" (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival), "Nika" (Moscow International film festival & Beijing international film festival), "Melting Away" (Montpellier film festival & TLV fest), "A New Spirit" (Boston International film festival & Madrid independent film festival). Besides his work as a filmmaker, Eran has initiated and realized the "Good News" magazine which focused on the positive sides of society, science and the arts. He is a member of the Israeli Association of Periodical Press (FIPP) As a writer, he has published the novel "Loneliness Behind the Camera" (1999) and the acclaimed academic book "Being A Producer" (2002) for the Cinema and Television Departments of Israeli universities and colleges. Eran received an Excellence Award from the International Forum of New Cinema, Calcutta(2002), as well as a special tribute award for entrepreneurship in Israeli Film and Television from the Society of Commerce and Industry in Isreal. Mr. Eran has also been part of the jury in Sofia International Film Festival and TLVfest (Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival). In 2008 the Kolkata Film Festival conducted a retrospective of Doron Eran's work entitled "Celluloid Pearls", and in 2009, the Pune International Film Festival held a retrospective of Doron Eran's work showcasing 7 of his films.

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