Don Adams

1923 - 2005

Don Adams was born in New York, to a father of Hungarian Jewish descent, and a mother of German and Irish ancestry. He had a sister, Gloria, and a brother, Dick Yarmy. He served in the U.S. Marines in World War II and contracted malaria during the fighting on Guadalcanal island. After the war he began a career as a stand-up comic. He married singer Adelaide Adams and adopted her last name as his stage surname. He had seven children altogether, (four with his first wife, two with his second, one with his third): Caroline Adams, Christine, Catherine, Cecily Adams, Stacey Adams, Sean, Beige. His television career began when he won the Ted Mack & the Original Amateur Hour (1948) talent contest. His most famous role, of course, is as bumbling, incompetent, clueless yet endearing secret agent Maxwell Smart in the classic sitcom/spy spoof Get Smart (1965), although he also had a career as a television director and a Broadway and theatrical dramatic actor.

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Inspector Gadget

Yıl: 1983 | IMDB: 0085033

Ülke: ABD, Fransa, Kanada, Japonya, Tayvan
Aka: Müfettis Gadget
Tür: Animasyon, Aksiyon, Macera, Komedi, Suç, Aile, Gizem, Bilim Kurgu
Yönetmen: Bruno Bianchi,Dave Cox,Edouard David,Raymond Jafelice,Ken Stephenson,Bernard Deyriès,Toshiyuki Hiruma,
Oyuncular: Don Adams, Luc Durand, Frank Welker, Don Francks, Dan Hennessey, Greg Duffell, Patricia Darnot, Gerard Delmas, Victor Désy, Hadley Kay, Cree Summer, Melleny Melody, Jeri Craden, Holly Berger, Maurice LaMarche,