Dominique Deruddere


One of the great names of Belgian cinema, Dominique Deruddere has been passionate about filmmaking since he was a child. Thanks to his older brother, who lent him his movie camera, young Dominique managed to make his own films, starting in super 8 at the age of fourteen ("Orange Licht"), proceeding to 16mm ("Bedankt Ma") before accessing to 35 mm ("Wodka Orange"). After these shorts - made before, during and after his film school years, Deruddere collaborated with his childhood friend Marc Didden, co-writing the script of "Brussels by Night" (1983) and playing a significant part in "Istanbul" (1985). In 1986, the young director made the right pick when he decided to film a story by Charles Bukovski. Indeed what was intended as a thirty minute short was, thanks to a far-seeing producer, expanded into a feature film. "Crazy Love" (better known as "Love is a Dog from Hell") was indeed released worldwide, became a festival favorite and was unanimously acclaimed as an achievement. The film

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