Dominic Daniel

Dominic Daniel, a Detroit native, began snatching up roles in movies, commercials and television right after an unlikely chance was taken by an agent, who he delivered packages for, gave him a shot at an audition. Shortly after landing a Chevy Equinox Campaign the ball got rolling, giving Dominic a venue to demonstrate his skills on the small screen on shows like The Shield, Charmed, Guilty or Innocent and The Loop.Born in the city that gave birth to Motown, Dominic, following in his mother's footsteps, developed a flair for writing poetry and clever short stories. It wasn't until he was 13 and had to serve in detention for his class-clowning antics, that the acting bug bit him, when the schools vice-principal made him perform in a play for black history month. She recognized a gift in Dominic and gave him the leading role of Martin Luther King. He stood before the audience, terrified and dry-mouthed, but when the cheering and applause began, he knew there was nothing else he'd rather

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