Doc Farrow

Born and raised on the east coast until his enlistment into the US Navy as a Corpsman (Medic), Doc Farrow spent most of that time traveling the world, and seeing many different cultures and enjoyed the time he spent learning about the world outside of Maryland. After six years of service(to include 16 months in Iraq), he discharged from the U.S. Military and stayed here in beautiful California.While spending three years continuing his education in medicine, he was reminded of a childhood dream of being a stand-up comedian; inspired by such super comics as Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Sinbad, George Carlin, The Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, and the list goes on.He finally made the decision to take the right steps in chasing his long overdue dream. He (Quite literally) shot up a pray, jumped on his motorcycle, and landed at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. He enjoyed his 2 years of learning, growing, and becoming a fuller instrument of expression, and graduated earning his

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